You may be asking why yet-another 124 Spider site is needed on the internet - afterall, it's not as thought there's that many of the cars around, yet there seem to be quite a few websites and forums.

The main driver behind this site was my development of, and the subsequent interest in me selling to others, retrofit reversing camera kits for the Fiat / Abarth 124 spider.

The motivation behind these kits was Fiat's decission to not offer a reversing camera as an option on the Abarth variant of the 124 in the UK. Oddly, the "lesser" Fiat models could have a reversing camera, but it was utterly avoided, and not even available from FIat as parts, for the Abarth.

After a lot of investigation, and a couple of false starts with some fairly expensive camera kits meant for the Mazda MX-5, I finally found a reliable camera and wiring system that would work on the 124 spider, whilst giving a display that pretty closely matches what the OEM cameras can manage.

More details on the kit itself, as well as lots more photos, will be in a future post.