We are seeking one lucky person to be the first to have our Heated Wing Mirror retrofit kit installed in their car.

There's a new January 2022 European map update available in the Map Update Toolbox. (chances are you'll need to buy extra updates in order to receive it)

There's a new June 2021 European map update available in the Map Update Toolbox. (you may need to purchase further map updates to see this)

We've been able to secure a new source of official Mazda Android Auto / Apple CarPlay hardware. so we're delighted to be able to pass on a price drop to our customers.

There's a new January 2021 European map update available in the Map Update Toolbox. This may be the last free update for many owners, so get it now!

Following on from the partial lifting of Coronovirus lockdown restrictions in the UK (at least England), we are once again able to offer our fitting service for all applicable products.

There have been quite a few site updates in the last few days, as regular readers may have noticed. The reasons for these are as follows:

Due to the worsening Coronavirus situation I've taken the decision to suspend fitting of Reversing Camera kits for the time being.

One thing that's particularly annoying on the 124 spider is the frequency with which the infotainment centre, or the navigation application, randomly reboots itself.

There's been a lot already written about CMU (entertainment system) firmware updates for the Fiat / Abarth 124, especially by Ameridan on his excellent 21stCenturyFiat124 website.

You may be asking why yet-another 124 Spider site is needed on the internet - afterall, it's not as thought there's that many of the cars around, yet there seem to be quite a few websites and forums.