The airbag warning panel replacement is installed in place of the existing warning panel. It is accessed by dismantling some of the lower dash panels.

Average time to install: 10 - 30 minutes

Items supplied in this kit are:

Airbag warning panel replacement
 airbag abarth

All work in this installation takes place inside the car and involves items in the centre console. You will need a large philips type screwdriver, a small flat head screwdriver and a T10 Torx screwdriver.

Work in the Car

To fit the airbag warning panel replacement, we need to remove the airbag warning panel from the car and then replace the display screen within it.

Gently squeeze the outside edges of the trim piece surrounding the airbag warning panel and pull it forward towards you. There are clips on each side of the inside of the trim piece which will release, allowing you to fully remove the trim.

There are two screws holding the airbag warning panel into the car (one each side of the panel) - use the large philips screwdriver to remove these, which will then allow you to pull the airbag warning panel away from it's location in the car.

There is an electrical connector on the back right hand side of the airbag warning panel as you look at it. Pull the airbag warning panel away form the car and use the small flat head screwdriver to help release the clip holding the connector in. It may feel quite tight on the wiring, but there is sufficient spare wire to be able to release the connector without too much trouble, Once released, you will be able to fully remove the airbag warning panel.

There are two T10 Torx screws at the back of the airbag warning panel - use the T10 screwdriver to remove them.

e. Unclip the three clips on the bottom and three cips on the top of the airbag warning panel. This will allow the two halves of the panel to come apart, allowing access to the warning screen inside.

f. Use the small flat head screwdriver or your finger to help release the central clip holding the airbag panel into it's surround. It should release fairly easily.

g. Place the replacement airbag panel in the housing and ensure it sits tight against the front of the airbag panel cover. Push the panel so it clips into place.

h. Re-assemble the warning panel, making sure the six clips connect back together, and replace the two Torx screws.

i. Finally re-install the airbag warning panel in the car. Installation is the exact opposite of removal, consisting of re-connecting the electrical connector, screwing the airbag panel back into place, and finally replacing the trim surround. When installing the trim, make sure there are no bulges at the rear of the trim piece, as sometimes the clips can be pushed out wide under the lower dash. Keep your hands on each side of the trim piece whilst installing it to avoid this happening.