The rauto-dimming rear view mirror is a direct replacement for the standard rear view mirror, but contains extra wiring which needs to be attached to the car loom. All chnages are reversible.

Average time to install: 1/2 - 1 hour

Items supplied in this kit are:

Auto-dimming rear view mirror Wiring loom
image0a image0b


There are 2 main parts to the rear view mirror installation. These can be broken down into:

1. Adding the wiring into the car
2. Fitting the mirror

Adding the wiring to the car

The 124 Spider does not come with the required power feed to the rear view mirror (unless in the USA), so we need to add this in. To do so, the easiest place is to access the wiring in the passenger A-pillar (driver's A-pillar on LHD cars).

a. Pull the A-pillar trim away from the A-pillar near the top of the windscreen (2 hidden plastic clips); then pull the trim upwards and backwards from the rest of the dashboard trim. There is a short speaker cable connected to the A-pillar trim, so be careful here. The A-pillar trim will not immediately come loose as it is held in by a "key piece" of trim, located between the A-pillar, upper & lower dash trims. Gently pull the A-pillar trim rearwards and towards the centre of the car until it releases from the key piece. Use of a small flat head screwdriver can help to remove the red clip.

b. Locate the main wiring loom running up the A-pillar and remove some of the insulation tape covering roughly half way up the A-pillar. You need to locate 2 wires within the loom to provide +12V and GROUND to the rear view mirror. The +12V wire is BROWN / BLACK STRIPE and the GROUND wire is BLACK.


Once located, pull these two wires away from the rest of the loom slightly so you can attach the included wiretaps to them.

c. The supplied wiring loom has a BLACK / RED STRIPE wire and a BLACK wire. The BLACK / RED STRIPE is the +12V wire and the BLACK is the GROUND wire. Attach the two wiretaps to the BROWN / BLACK STRIPE and then plug the BLACK / RED STRIPE into that wire tap. Repeat the same procedure to connect the BLACK wires.


d. Ensure the wire taps and connectors are secure, and run the wires upwards in the A-pillar.

2. Fitting the mirror

To fit the mirror and associated wiring, it is necessary to access the top rail trim above the windscreen. Only the passenger (left hand) side of the trim needs to be loosened to provide enough space to route the wiring. There are a number of steps needed to achieve this, as follows.

a. Lower the roof completely

b. Undo the 2 TORX bolts holding in the LH side roof locating lug. This is located under the LH sun visor. Then remove the single TORX bolt near the centre of the top rail trim on the LH side.

image05 image06

c. With the 3 bolts removed, pull the trim down on the LH side to loosen it from the car.

d. Route the wiring fitted in Step 1 up the LH A-pillar trim and along the top rail trim to roughly the centre of the trim, where the interior light fitting is located.

e. Remove the existing rear view mirror by loostening the TROX bolt holding it to the windscreen, then slide the mirror towards the top of the windscreen to remove it.

f. Route the wiring from the mirror to the middle of the top rail trim, and connect it to the plug run up from the A-pillar trim.

The mirror is now fitted; before putting all the trim back together, check the mirror is functioning correctly by turning the ignition on to number 2 (press the Start button twice WITHOUT pressing the brake / clutch) and ensuring the rear-view mirror's green power light comes on.

Finally, refit all removed trim in the revers order to that in which it was removed.