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Abarth metal keyring

Metal double-sided keyring featuring the Abarth logo


Metal ball gear knob

Metal ball-type gear knob with red or black grear numbers, or completely blank


Auto-dimming rear view mirror

Retrofit frameless auto-dimming rear view mirror


Anti-rattle Soft Foam Pads

Self adhesive soft foam anti-rattle pads


Android Auto / CarPlay Kit

Retrofit OEM Android Auto & CarPlay system for the 124 Spider.


Android Auto / Apple CarPlay Fitting Service

Fitting service for our Android Auto / Apple CarPlay kits


Sequential LED Indicator Repeater

Sequential LED indicator repeaters for the 124 Spider


Alcantara door card inserts

Replacement door cards, upholstered in genuine Alcantara


Airbag Panel Replacement

Customised airbag warning panels for the 124 Spider


Cupholder panel infill trim

Carbonfibre effect infill panel covers the hole where the passenger cupholder sits


Window Controller V2 Fitting Service

Fitting service for all our Window Controller V2 kit


Cubby Box Shelf

Cubby box shelf / divider for all 124 Spiders built after 2016.


124 Spider Gift Card

Gift cards of varying value to be spent at the 124 Spider UK shop


Metal start / stop overlay

Metal engine Start / Stop button overlays


Dashcam Fitting Service

Fitting service for Dashcams


124 Spider Reversing Camera

Our most comprehensive Reversing Camera kit for the Fiat & Abarth 124 Spider


Alcantara lanyard keyring

Gunmetal, alcantara & leather lanyard keyring with either 124 Spider or Abarth logo and Italian tricolore colours.


Extended Paddle Shifters

Extended paddle shifters to make gear changes far more convenient


Genuine Cup Holders (pair)

We have a limited stock of genuine Cup Holders for the 124 Spider.


Carbonfibre start / stop overlay

Carbonibre engine Start / Stop button overlays


Window Controller V2

Automatic window opening / closing depending on roof position


Reversing Camera Fitting Service

Fitting service for all our Reversing Camera kits


Roof spacers (pair)

Plastic insets to help space the roof away from the headrests. Sold as a pair.


Sequential front LED indicators

Sequential front LED indicators for both Fiat & Abarth 124 Spider models


Wireless Phone Charger

Integrated wireless phone charger, built in to the car's central console.


Wideangle Camera add-on

Wideangle camera for use with our Reversing Camera Kit


Bonnet Support Struts

Gas support struts to hold the bonnet open