One thing that's particularly annoying on the 124 spider is the frequency with which the infotainment centre, or the navigation application, randomly reboots itself.

Fiat have never (at least in Europe) offered any firmware updates for the infotainment system, so the version most people are stuck on its one which was released in 2016. Therefore there's absolutely *no point* in asking Fiat for any help in resolving these issues. That being said, I personally haven't noticed any real improvements with the later firmwares versus the 56.00.xx version Fiat originally shipped, with some of the random reboots still existing.

I've been fighting a particularly annoying reboot of the Navigation application ever since I've had the car. It is completely random - some days it won't reboot at all, but on other days it iwll do it 5, 6 or more times in one journey.

Initially I thought it might be the navigation SD card, so I bought another (blank) SD card and cloned my original on to it. That made absolutely no difference, (other than giving me a bit more space on the card) so next I thought that maybe a brand new "official" SD card from eBay would be a good move. Guess what, that made absolutely no difference either!

That got me thinking a bit more, and I thought about the fact that not everyone sees this issue, yet on my system (and accross different firmware versions) the same problem has existed. Therefore it must be something specific to my system or something i'm doing...Looking at the navigation options I'd enabled (all of them) I started wondering whether the issue was du to something related to the online navigation services, and whether a lack of data - i.e. when my phone drops out of coverage - might be the problem.

I had the "Automatically download weather" option turned on, so I first tried turning that off, as to be honest, it's a pretty pointless feature anyway that I never use. I've also turned off the "Use historical traffic" option, as this is known to flag up false delays.

And guess what, in the (admittedly very short) 2 days since I've done this, my navigation system hasn't rebooted once!

... watch this space...