There have been quite a few site updates in the last few days, as regular readers may have noticed. The reasons for these are as follows:

1) The old design (which i had recycled from one of my other websites) was over 5 years old, and while it still works very nicely, there were a few niggling incompatibilities, especially with the online shop, when viewing the website on a mobile device.

2) Mobile devices are currently making up around 70% of the traffic to this website, so it became increasingly important to ensure that the mobile experience was at least as good as the desktop experience, whilst still retaining all functionality of the desktop site.

3) There were a few oddities, which made ordering products through the shop a slightly less than intuitive process.

With all these in mind, for the last few weeks I have been developing the current look of the site. The changes went live late on 29th May (UK time), with further tweeks perfomed on 30th.

However, I found a huge (to me, un-noticeable to you all) issue with the site early in the morning of 31st May; so the entire site has, today, been re-built and re-compiled from scratch, utilising completely new and seperate resources. You shouldn't notice *ANY* difference in the site from the version available on 29th May to the version today; but in the background a lot has changed. With any luck, this will mean a faster, more fully-featured experience for all of you, both on mobile and desktop devices.