124 Spider Reversing Camera

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Fiat chose to not offer factory-fit reversing cameras on the top of the range Abarth models in the UK, so we set out to find a way to retrofit a camera to the 124 spider that looks and acts as similarly to the factory camera as possible.

This retrofit reversing camera kit looks and acts almost exactly the same as the factory fit system, except our kit has a far superior field of view, and is completely plug and play to fit. No software changes are needed to the car's entertainment system, and no permanent changes are necessary in the car, and everything can be removed without leaving any marks should you wish to do so.

This kit contains all the parts needed to retrofit a reversing camera to a 124 spider, many of which have been developed in house specifically for the 124 spider. Fitting is no more complicated than running a few wires and plugging in some pre-configured plugs.

Options available include having the kit fitted by ourselves as well as a choice of either fixed or dynamic guidance lines within the camera view. Our V2 kit includes all the additions and product enhancements we've learnt over the last 2 years of offering these kits. Never before has the kit been simpler to fit, easier to use, or more reliable than now.

For more information, view our installation guide

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