Another one of the options available on MX-5 cars that never made it's way to the Fiat / Abarth 124 Spider is Android Auto / CarPlay support. We can fix that...
In order to use Android Auto / Apple CarPlay, not only do you need new hardware containing a revised USB hub (where your phone plugs in to the car), but you also need to perform a firmware update to your car's entertainment system (we have already published instructions for doing this). This update is quite complicated, and rightly some people don't feel comfortable doing that work.

We can offer you a complete service - when you buy the Android Auto / Apple CarPlay kit and select fitting by ourselves, not only will we install the required hardware, but we will also install all the required software updates as well as the latest hard to find Gracenote update, and we will fully test and guarantee the Android Auto / Apple CarPlay installation.
Alternatively, you can buy just the hardware elements of the Android Auto / Apple CarPlay kit and install those items yourslef. As ever we will provide full instructions and remote customer support to you.

No other company in the UK is offering such a complete service - no other company in the UK provides the levels of aftersales support we are able to offer.

For more infotmation, look at the Android Auto / Apple CarPlay item in our shop.